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Giving Back

 The mission of Saga Humane Society is “to replace cruelty with kindness to all animals.” They do this by supplying medical care and shelter to animals in need, subsidizing veterinary care to low income families, and operating animal adoption and public education programs. Their vision is to build a permanent animal clinic/education center in Ambergris Caye and continue working toward a long term solution to end animal abuse, neglect and overpopulation. 

See what’s on the humane society’s wishlist here. Alternatively, consider making a financial donation here.


Note on donated goods: When bringing donations in to Belize and where practical, remove all packaging/ wrappings, as it reduces the impression that you intend to resell the items (which, unfortunately, is something that some people do even when saying they are bringing items in to the country as donations). Customs may ask you to pay duty on donations brought with you upon entering Belize, since anything brought in that is not for personal use is subject to duty (yes, even donations). The Ministry of Finance *may* provide a duty-free letter for donations brought for a school, but it can take 2 months or longer to get such a letter so please plan ahead if you’d like to request a duty-free letter; even then, there is no guarantee. Alternatively, you can purchase some of the needs list items in Belize (although the quality may not be the same & the price may be higher); in San Pedro there is a pet store and a variety store which carry some of the items on the lists. Financial donations are also welcomed!


If you’d like to walk the shelter dogs or cuddle cats while on the island, just contact or stop by Saga Humane Society! Want to adopt a dog or cat from Belize or be a flight volunteer for a pet whose new home is in the US or Canada? Contact Saga

ACES Wildlife Rescue would love to take your old sheets, towels & pillowcases off your hands!